Sow Insights

RI's Sow Insights Solution informs employees of critical events;

Onset of estrus (and the optimum time to inseminate)

Sickness or lameness (and intervention is needed)

Impending birth (and assistance is needed given the sow's history of stillborns)

Low feeding and activity (e.g. during lactation)

The information starts with an ear tag that generates data on the pig's movement.

Machine learning models process this data to determine and trend various behaviors (feeding, dormant, active, aggressive...). The Solution monitors the behavior trends for deviation that represent events of interest (e.g. estrus, illness...). Employees are notified where to go and what to do using a mobile application.

The ear tag weighs 19 gms, are water-tight (IP-69), designed to last 3 years and can be attached with standard pliers.

The Solution has been used by major universities, producers, pharmaceutical companies and swine genetics firms to reveal amazing new insights.