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Young vet crouching in front of pig using tablet. Female doctor smiling wearing lab coat e

Sow Health, Operations & Productivity (SHOPS)

Estrus detection 98% accurate
Illness detection 100% and average 8+ days before employee observations
Nesting/labor detection 100% 34 hr average before farrowing
The lack of experienced workers has a huge cost impact as critical observations are missed. The Solution assists employees in making those critical observations
The Solution starts with an ear tag that generates data on the pig's movement.  Using machine learning models, we transform this data into behaviors (feeding, dormant, active, aggressive...).  When the Solution detects deviations in the trends of these behaviors, employees are notified where to go and what to do.  Managers and remote vets can monitor the status of the sow and provide guidance to the employee using the Solution's mobile application.
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