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Better Sow Health and Productivity
with IoT and AI Solutions

Estrus detection 94% accurate

Health issue detection 8+ days before observation

Veterinarian remote monitoring of health issues

Nesting/labor detection 30 hrs before farrowing

The lack of experienced workers has a huge cost impact as critical observations are missed.  We monitor animal behavior 24x7 and accurately detect when they are sick, entering into estrus, about to give birth, behaving aggressively, and even accurately reporting how many are being shipped.   
The Solution has been used on over 15 thousand sows and research pigs, generating over 35 billion behavior records, that provide an unequaled insight into behavior and how to improve health and productivity.   
The Solutions are being used by top producers, genetics firms, pharmaceutical companies and universities to improve the health and wellbeing of pigs, improve operations and reveal new insights into animal behavior.
Sow Health, Operations and Productivity Solution (SHOPS)
Automatically detect the onset of estrus and early signs of health issues 24x7.  Improve the decision making process of your employees to raise the productivity and profitability of your farms.
Reseach Insight
Gain new insights by quantifying changes in behavior given the variables being studied
Finish Pig Health Monitoring
Drop-in Health Monitoring Solution for wean-finish barns at potential risk.  Installed in 30 minutes, the Solution provides finish 24x7 monitoring with no barn connectivity required
Count All Pigs
Automate the counting of the pigs you move and ship
Weight Estimation
Automate the weight estimation of the pigs bring to market
About Us
We are a team passionate about improving swine health, performance and operations. With guidance from our swine industry partners and a combination of deep experience in AI, wireless and sensor design, data analytics and application development, we are creating truly novel solutions that will impact the industry.
Contact us at or call 612-567-7441
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