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Improving Pig Welfare and Productivity

We monitor animal behavior 24x7 and accurately detect when they are sick, entering into estrus, about to give birth, behaving aggressively, and even accurately reporting how many are being shipped.

We have spent years creating our machine learning models to accurately report animal behaviors and hardening our solutions to stand up to the harsh conditions of a pig barn.

The Solutions are being used by top producers, genetics firms, pharmaceutical companies and universities to improve the health and wellbeing of pigs, improve operations and reveal new insights into animal behavior.

Know realtime 24x7 when each sow enters estrus, is sick or lame, about to give birth, not eating enough...

Gain new insights by establishing behavior baselines and quantifying changes for individual and group comparisons

Automate the counting of piglets and finish pigs for better operations

About Us

We are a team passionate about improving pig health and performance and improving operations. With guidance from our swine industry partners and a combination of deep experience in AI, wireless and sensor design, data analytics and application development, we are creating truly novel solutions that will impact the industry.

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